Planet Partners Program


When your products reach the end of their useful lives,
we do everything we can to provide options for responsible collection and treatment.

We Will Remove Used & Unused Printer Supplies & Printers to Recycle for Free!

Planet Partners Program
Key Recycling Metrics for Recycling Site Return-and-Recycle Program

  • Keeps print cartridges out of landfills
  • Developed an engineering breakthrough that enables the use of post-consumer recycled plastics
  • Through many Return-and-Recycle Programs, QLS recycled in excess of over 1,000,000+ Printer Cartridges; since 1991 and over 130,000+ Printer Cartridges since December 2008.

Key Re-Manufacturing Metrics for QLS:


“Our plan is to offer WNY Companies and Organizations a FREE Service to remove their old Printer Supplies and even Hardware, for Program Recycling [...] We find many of the Companies we work with have Stock Rooms full of used and unused Supply items and old Printers that are destined for the dumpster [...] a beneficial & sustainable Service for free, we want to help local Organizations take advantage of the program [...] Our Pledge to you would be that all materials would be recycled and never reach a dumpster or land fill” ~G. Skalyo, QLS' Founder & CEO