News Release HP & QLS - It Pays to Recycle your Printers

Posted by Media Room on Thu, Feb 09, 2012

Printer Trade In Reimbursement Program

Thanks to QLS Solutions Group and HP’s new Spring 2012 Trade-In and Save program

Buffalo, NY | Feb. 7, 2012 – Working in Close Partnership with Hewlett Packard, QLS Solutions Group has announced an enhancement to HP's Trade-In and Save Program

For the last several years, HP has eveolved the Trade-In and Save Program to it's current model:

1. Buy Cost Effective, Energy Saving Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers and MFPs (copiers)

2. Apply for your Rebate (up to $150.00 each device)

3. HP Sends a Pre-Paid Shipping Label to recycle your old printer(s)

4. Upon recycling, HP sends you a rebate check


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The whole process can be accomplished and progress monitored via the web.

Here is the QLS Enhancement - For a limited time that old printer or copier you’ve been procrastinating about replacing, just got a little more valuable. HP’s new Spring 2012 Trade-In and Save Program allows you to earn up to $150 of actual cash when you buy a new energy efficient HP device and recycle your old printer. Best thing is, it’s easier than you would imagine, purchase your new HP device from Western New York based QLS Solutions Group and we basically do the rest.  At no additional cost, QLS will package and ship your old printer to HP. Don’t have an old printer to trade-in? No problem, QLS Solutions will provide you with a “trade-in” so you won’t miss out on the savings.

This is also a great opportunity for start up companies or companies who need to purchase multiple devices. This program is an opportunity to increase productivity while trying to control costs; consolidating a few old machines into something more energy efficient saves time, money and the environment.

"The real value to QLS Solutions Group's Enhancement to HP's Program, is that we are willing to do the packing and shipping of the "Trade-In" Printers that HP will recycle" says QLS Group's GM, Gary Skalyo. "And also, for customers who want to keep thier old printers, QLS provides "Trade-In" printers for our clients, no reason all of our clients shouldn't benefit from buying a New HP LaserJet Printer or MFP from us" Skalyo continued.

Another Benefit of the Program, is for each printer or MFP recycled, HP will provide a (digital) certificate demonstrating your Companie's recycling of the used printers. This will become more and more meaningful as recycling computer equipment becomes mandatory.

Most HP products offered in the Trade-in & Save Spring 2012 promotion are ENERGY STAR® qualified and HP ensures that all returned products be processed in order to recover valuable plastics and metals which can be used in new products and diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills.

Today’s companies and organizations are realizing an increased environmental responsibility connected to the way they do business. New energy-saving devices and increasingly, the concept of the “Paperless Office” are at the forefront. The need to reduce costs by saving space, quickly gaining access to information, and enhancing employee productivity no longer makes managing you documents a luxury. QLS Solutions Group not only offers the full gambit of equipment such as multi-function printers and scanners, they also offer real world solutions to the overwhelming task of managing all of your company’s documents.


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