Earth Day Promotion | QLS Enhances HP Recycling Program for WNY

Posted by Media Room on Wed, Apr 20, 2011

  Earth Day
Buffalo, NY:
In Late 1990, Gary Skalyo started Quality Laser Services, Inc. in a small office in downtown Buffalo. His mission was to build a business that was as “Green” as it was “Entrepreneurial”. Quality Laser was born while the Business World created a growing demand for Laser Printers, Fax Machines and Copiersfueling our insatiable thirst for Printer Cartridges.

Quality Laser’s Business Plan at that time was to Remanufacture Printer Cartridges for Local Businesses and Organizations to reuse in their own Printers, to promote Sustainable Practices in the Office and to Save Money.  The problem was that Laser Printer Toner Cartridges could only be remanufactured a few times, and then the product would have to be thrown away.

In 1991, Hewlett Packard announced its Planet Partners Return-and-Recycle Program insuring that Laser Printer Toner Cartridges returned through this new Program would never reach a Landfill. In fact HP created one of the most ambitious Closed-Loop Recycling Programs the world has ever seen.

Quality Laser Services, Inc. took advantage of this Program in 1991 and started recycling large volumes of Printer Cartridges with the HP Planet Partners Return-and-Recycle Program that could no longer be remanufactured.

Key Recycling Metrics for HP’s Planet Partners Return-and-Recycle Program:

  • HP keeps print cartridges out of landfills. As of December 2008, more than 265 million HP LaserJet and HP inkjet print cartridges have been returned and recycled worldwide since the program began, representing nearly 343 million pounds.
  • HP has developed an engineering breakthrough that enables the use of post-consumer recycled plastics in the production of new Original HP inkjet print cartridges.
  • Quality Laser Services, Inc. has recycled, through HP's Planet Partners Return-and-Recycle Program, in excess of  1,000,000 Printer Cartridges Since 1991 and over 130,000 Printer Cartridges since December 2008

Key Re-Manufacturing Metrics for Quality Laser Services:

Earth DayIn honor of Earth Day 2011, Quality Laser Services has vowed to Enhance HP’s Planet Partners Return-and-Recycle Program for Western New York Businesses and Organizations. “Our Plan is to Offer WNY Companies and Organizations a Service to remove their old Hewlett Packard Supplies and Even Hardware, for Program Recycling” said Skalyo when asked about the Program Enhancement. “We find many of the Companies we work with have Stock Rooms full of Used and Unused Supply items and old HP Printers that are destined for the dumpster” and “as long as HP is offering such a beneficial & sustainable Service for Free, we want to help local Organizations take advantage of the program”.

Between now and August 31st, Quality Laser Services will remove Used & Unused HP Printer Supplies and Even Printers for Recycling from your Business or Organizations in the WNY Facility, for Free.  “Our Pledge to you would be that all materials would be recycled and never reach a Dumpster or Land Fill” Offers Skalyo, “Just Call us or go to our Website and Arrange for this Free Enhancement to HP’s Program”.

» Learn more about Planet Partners, HP's environmental recycling program

» Start recycling now with HP’s Plant Partners Return -and-Recycle Program – Recommended for Individual Users & Businesses with minimal Printer Recycling needs.

» Start Recycling now with Quality Laser's Help (Free)
& HP's Planet Partners Return-and-Recycle Program
– Offered for Businesses & Organizations who have Larger One-Time Recycling Needs and Moderate Ongoing Recycling needs.

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QLS | HP Can You Recycle Print Cartridges? Recycling Cartridges | HP has an Environmental Commitment at every stage of a products life cycle from Design to Manufacturing to Use and Recycling

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