High-Speed Document Scanner Rentals
for your own Scanning, Backfiling or Archiving Projects!

Why Rent a Scanner?

Most Backfiling (Archiving) Projects require a very expense, powerful and robust scanning solution to capture the large volumes of documents in your project. At the end of a 3–6 month project, you might be left with too much scanner that is too large for daily scanning needs. Renting a Scanner & Solution is a great way to realize an ROI for your Project(s).


Renting vs Leasing:

  • Avoid Long Term Commitments
  • Zero Financing Costs
  • Remove 3rd Party Involvement
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Renting vs Buying:

  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Quicker Budget Approval
  • Easier Book Keeping (Expense vs Asset)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easier Scanner Management

What We Rent:

We provide a custom solution for your project by assessing a proposing the right Document Scanner best suited for your needs.


  1. Remote Installation and Setup
  2. Remote Training
  3. Document Management Software
  4. Desktop/Laptop Computer Rental
  5. Online Document Hosting (secure)
  6. On-Site Services – we can set you up at your location with a Complete Solution
  7. Document Shredder Sales & Rentals

Renting a High Speed Scanner provides you with the Tools at the right price for your short-term scanning project(s).