Benefits include:

What is Document Management?

Document Management Solutions

Document Management is the systematic process of digitizing, storing, managing and retrieving documents. By coordinating and controlling the flow of electronic and paper documents, a company can ensure their information is securely and efficiently accessed.

Document Management Solutions (DMS), also known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a solution that provides tools necessary to capture, store, index and manage your data all in a safe secure way.  Recent studies have shown many compelling reasons to abandon the centuries old process of using paper and start using an electronic medium to drive efficiencies and productivity.

Think about it... You are no longer using a typewriter to create letters or documents. You no longer use an Abacus or even an electronic calculator to create invoices or financial projections because your computer does it for you. Why would you use File Cabinets, Folders, or boxes to contain and organize your Important Documents?

Benefits of Use includes:

  • Respond Immediately to inquiries and more responsive to customers
  • Enhance information Security and protect against data loss and damage
  • Increase employee productivity and office efficiency
  • Enable all employees file, distribute and share informarion taking the burden off admins
  • Reclaim Valuable office Space by eliminating file cabinets and piles of paperwork
  • Reduce wasted time spent retrieving documents
  • Ensure compliance with governmental regulatory requirements

Save Time, Money & Increase Productivity

  • The Act of Filing and Retrieving Documents with a DMS is Faster, Costs Less Money
  • Eliminate the Practice of Multiple Departments Filing Redundant Copies of the Same Documents
  • Have Access to your Documents from Any Computer in the World with Internet Access
  • Never Lose a Document and the Cost of Replacing Lost Documents
  • Document is Always Available, even if someone else is using it (documents can be viewed simultaneously by several co-workers)
  • Reclaim Valuable Office Space currently housing Filing Cabinets and Banker’s Boxes of Files
  • Stop spending Money every Month for Off-Site Document Storage of Paper Document

Provide “Knock your Socks Off” Customer Service

  • When Customers, Subscribers, Partners, etc. call for information, you have immediate access to the documents that store that information
  • Never put a customer on “Hold” or have to call them back (after retrieving document)
  • Quickly Email, Print or Fax Document(s) to satisfy the inquiry immediately

Game Changing Document Security, Compliance & Disaster Recovery

  • Provides Controlled Access to your Documents, Admin(s) controls which employees have access to which documents
  • Have a Complete History (Audit Trail) whenever someone Views, Prints, Emails or Edits a document
  • Provides all Revisions as Documents are Changed or Updated for both .PDF Documents and Program Files

(ex: MS Word, Excel, etc.)

  • Documents are Locked in a Secure, Encrypted Repository
  • Demonstrate Compliance for HIPAA, SOX & Other Compliance Agencies
  • Quickly Create Audit Documents Export based on Date Ranges
  • Your Documents are Safe from Theft & Disaster

(ex: Floods, Fires, etc.)

Increase Corporate Organization & Workflows

  • Provides a Secure, Central Repository for All Corporate Records, Documents and Meaningful Program Files
  • Manages Paper Documents, Electronic Documents and Program Files in their Native Formats

 (ex: .xls, .ppt, etc.)

  • Document Management provides the foundation to change traditional paper workflow processes into Efficient, Cost-Saving & Productive Electronic Processes

Makes your Office Green & Sustainable

  • Sustainable Business with Green Initiatives
  • Decrease the need for Paper, Ink & Toner
  • Use Less Power on Less Printing and Copying Devices
  • Maintain Less Office Space for File Cabinets & Bankers Boxes
  • Eliminates the need to Mail, Ship any Paper Documents


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