Store, Share, Retrieve, Collaborate, and Create Files in Real-Time

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Aug 07, 2018

Collaborating with others online has never been easier. There are a number of options for everything from sharing images and video to presentations, tasks and more. Here we'll focus on collaborating on documents in real time, an area that's improved quite drastically.

Scope Scanning and Indexing Services

Document scanning services can transform your paper piles into text-searchable digital images. Instead of dealing with file cabinets or off-site storage, your documents can be filed digitally to a DVD, SFTP or online in a web-based document storage solution. Save time by finding documents faster. Save money by reclaiming valuable office space and reducing paper costs. While, saving yourself a lot of headaches by handing this project over to a scanning company who can turn your project around quickly and accurately.

You will also be able to…

  • Free up office space.
  • Maintain access to documents you need
  • Securely store the ones you don’t use
  • Reduce reliance on paper
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save Time & Money
  • Lower storage costs
  • Improve business work flows
  • Ease of record retrieval
  • Information is safe, secured, and efficiently accessible
  • Access to files anywhere, anytime


  • Compliance with retrieval laws
  • More robust disaster recovery
  • Business continuity even with disastrous events
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A sound document and information management process includes three important actions: storing, shredding and scanning. Scanning Specialists will work with you to decide what to scan, what to store and what you can ultimately destroy while creating a unique solution that work best for your business.


Manage your records and information – in any format – from creation to destruction using a customized combination of these services. Here's a brief description:


Let automation, custom workflows, and advanced document management lead you to business zen...


Document Management Software Solutions

Skip bulky file cabinets and g
o beyond traditional physical storage...

Web Document Management Software Solutions
Work remotely, no matter what device, no matter where you are...
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Wait, but what about your current paper files? No biggie!

Do you really need daily, physical access to 100% of the documents you store onsite? It’s likely that you don’t. By incorporating digital scanning practices to your document and information management process you can share important information easily and quickly across your organization.


Document Scanning Solutions

With Document Scanning Services you can move more of your physical documents and files offsite and request digital scans of those you need or use frequently. The rest of your information is securely stored and you can access or scan it on an as-needed basis. Secure & reliable scanning services to help ensure the smoothest possible transition from paper to electronic.


In 3 easy steps you can get on the path to paperless!

Document Scanning Services Step 1

Get rid of your boxes

...and then enjoy FREEDOM! Information is secure, efficiently accessed, AND protected from disastrous events.

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Great tools, services, and sharing options for individuals or groups. No matter what OS/Operating System, computer, laptop, or mobile device you use, IQmfp is compatible and customizable to your business needs. What kind of Document Management Solution do you or your Company utilize? If so, how is it working out for you?


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