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Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Dec 18, 2018

Get rid of storage fees, filing cabinets, and mountains of documents. Benefit from less paper and easier access to information. While some paper documents need to be stored for several years in order to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, the majority of active business documents and legacy records can be digitized for better accessibility and to unlock the value of that information.

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Embracing Scanning Services and Document Management Solutions can help your company remain competitive and better meet the needs of your customers in today’s increasingly “immediate” economy.

Guaranteed minimal disruption to your business, enabling users to access documents throughout their digital transformation projects. In addition, document management software solutions, like IQmfp, indexing and classification, along with other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms; when paired with appropriate day-forward scanning processes, can automate your business process work flows and improve your enterprise productivity.

How Scanning Services & Document Management Solutions Helps:


Customized Document Scanning Services

Customized Document Scanning Services

Whether you are a small business looking to grow and expand, or a large corporation and need to optimize your document management needs, we can help find customized solutions that works for you.

We offer high-quality document scanning services from locally-based and experienced professionals. The document scanning can be performed at your location or ours, depending on what works best for you.


Document Scanning Benefits

The Benefits

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Document scanning services allow you to convert your physical papers to digital files, housed in your personal database. With instant access to any files you need, you’ll find increases in the efficiency of your document management when paired with a software like IQmfp.

    • Minimizing Paper Storage — Approximately 90% of information across the world remains in paper form. That's all well and good, but for an organization, that can lead to some serious issues. With the assistance of document scanning services, your organization will essentially eliminate the need for complicated paper storage.
    • Increased Productivity   According to a survey of workers and IT professionals by IDC, document challenges actually account for 21.3% of productivity loss. Document imaging services can significantly cut down on these productivity losses and provide much more time for important work through the organization.
    • Reduced Costs   A lot of companies rent storage spaces to keep their files organized or even pay a third party company for document storage, which can lead to a significant amount of wasted money.
    • Enhanced Information Preservation   If you have important historical documents, you should want to preserve these items for decades to come. Sadly, the aging process can damage these documents quite rapidly. Document scanning is the last touch solution that lets you protect your vital information from physical deterioration.
    • Going Green  Your business will also be actively promoting an environmentally-friendly work space with less papers used and disposed of.
    • Better Data Security  — Protecting your information is essential for any business. Scanned documents can be easily encrypted, password protected, and secretly stored in the cloud for centuries. You can even assign various access levels to specific users and track all file activity throughout your organizational network.


Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services For All

Document scanning service have experience in optimizing the records management systems for all types 

of files, documents, and industries:

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  • Health Care
  • Legal firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Architecture firms
  • Government offices
  • and more


Shredding Services

What to Do After Scanning

After your documents have been scanned into a digital format it’s important to shred the original hard copy. This prevents duplicates floating around the office and being lost or stolen. In order to protect your information, shredding after you scan your documents is incredibly important.


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Document scanning services are available to optimize your document management protocol and increase the productivity of your Business. We work with professionals all across the nation, ready to take on your document scanning project and helping your business succeed.


More Reasons Why You Should Go Digital:

Document Scanning Services
  • Get more value out of your files and documents
  • Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments
  • Reduce redundancies and improve document search/retrieval processes
  • Enable secure file sharing wherever, whenever necessary
  • Meet complex regulatory obligations through classification, digital retrieval and compliance monitoring
  • Reduce risk through adherence to retention schedules
  • Free up valuable real estate for more strategic use
  • Preserve documents that may be deteriorating

There are scanning services for all sorts of documents such as large format, blue prints, down to small-sized aperture cards, microfiche, microfilm,
plus more. We've guided thousands of customers towards a more digital office through customized document scanning and conversion projects. Whether you have a large back-file scanning need as part of a broader digital transformation initiative, require faster document retrieval through scan-on-demand, or have recurring scanning and digital retrieval as part of your business processes, our project team can guide you through a planning and implementation that will help you reach your goals.

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To get free, no-obligation quotes on document scanning services in just a few minutes, fill out the form or give us a call at (716) 852-2203 or (800) 859-2203. How does your Business manage documents and files? We love to hear about Business experiences, please share!


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