Document Management Solutions for The Education Industry

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Jun 11, 2019

Last week we discussed choosing and implementing the right Document Management Solutions for legal documentsThe education industry is similar, another industry that handles official documents that is a paper-driven and document-intensive environment. The capacious influx of paperwork, such as financial aid, admission details, academic records, student and alumni records, athletic departments, human resources, registration and accounting flow in each year and poses a dilemma of effectively storing, organizing and retrieving each pertinent piece of data competently.

Document Management Solutions in Education

Benefits of Document Management Software for Education

  • QLS-Document-Management-Solutions-MobileHigher education institutions are constantly on the lookout for top student talent. Schools can now leverage the innumerable capacity of document management software in the admissions department, the unit which incurs the most paperwork. All the applicants’ information should be stored, managed and organized on a single platform, which allows fingertip access to this information for the admissions staff and can be later retrieved if a student’s details are speedily required to supplement decision making. With IQmfp, the documents can be automatically routed to the appropriate authority for expedite approval. Automating the workflow improves responsiveness, saves time and cost and supports a holistic understanding of each student.
  • Student record departments are bombarded with voluminous document types of the hundreds or thousands of current and former students. The prospect of storing all this information can prove overwhelming. Document management software alleviates the need for manual labor and efficiently stores and classifies the documents so they can be instantly retrieved from anywhere, using a specific set of keywords.
  • Without reliance on the antiquated paper system, documents can be securely retained over a long period of time. Every part of the document structure has access controls which define what action can be taken on the document and by whom, in addition to read/write/edit privileges. Furthermore, each edited version of a document is stored for tracking evolution over time and averting mishap or fraud.
  • By replacing paper-based filing with electronic documentation, schools can alleviate the bottlenecks from the administrative process. Turning paper documents to electronic files makes handling and managing it faster and easier. The administrative staff is empowered with enhanced precision search capacity to speedily access student data and augment student service. This increases productivity and helps you provide excellent service to students and alumni.
  • Intra and inter-institute faculty often need to collaborate. Administrations sometime fail to provide their staff the right tool to communicate with off-campus faculty and this could impede progress. Relying on paper-based documents carries the risk of misplacement or loss and depending solely on emails could prove to be a hassle as it is hard to track down previous threads. If the information is confidential, there is a risk of infiltration. By storing all the information in a centralized place, the faculty can share data in a secure, cost-effective and reliable mode.
In a traditional setting, all this information would be piled up in bulk and it would be tantamount to labor to retrieve a relevant piece from repositories located on the school premises. To make a transition from the age-old paper-based epoch, which jeopardizes speed and competence, to a robust development, a document management solution such as IQmfp, is imperative to keep up with the growing demands of information and document management.
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Keep in mind that Document Management Solutions is not just limited to the sectors of Education or Law; but is a quintessential tool for ALL Businesses to save time, money, and space while giving you the peace of mind for smoother and safer business operations.
How does your Office manage files and documents? Do you still manually file and retrieve? Or do you have a solutions system in place? We love hearing what works and doesn't work for our readers!

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