Digitize Your Paper-Based Processes with Scanning Solutions

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Feb 19, 2019

How Document Scanning is Beneficial to Business
Industries such as education, law and health care; the migration to the electronic health record for each patient is mandatory, and resources exist to help providers convert to digital form. Converting your records will take planning and an investment of time and resources to reach demonstrated use and achieve long term benefits. Scanning and storing electronic documents is the first step to the electronic record transition.

Why Scan your Documents now?

Companies like us, are dedicated to providing a full cycle electronic document management solution for your business, from planning and preparation of the digital transition of your records, to implementing a private online document repository for your documents, and to the secure destruction of paper records. Every business - financial services, retail, manufacturing, education, government and others - will benefit from affordable technology that assists in capturing, storing and retrieving information.

Document Imaging and Electronic Storage is a multi-step process

We use a system suite of conversion software to capture and assure clarity, readability, and retrievability of your records. The Benefits of Electronic Document Management are measurable:

QLS-Paper-Files-Image• Protect your most important business assets, your information. A lost or damaged record can translate into lost revenue.
• Simplify Disaster Recovery. Protect your data physically and electronically with controlled access and 24/7 system monitoring.
• Enhance client record security. Implement information policies with multiple layers of security. Gain audit confidence with documented evidence of security control, audit trails, user activity and document or record history.
• No waste of valuable office space to house filing cabinets.
• Achieve compliance with industry regulations.
• Improve process efficiency. Retrieve a record and answer your clients’ questions on the spot.
• Free up your IT department from management of growing amounts of data with scalable and maintenance-free storage.
• Convert capital expenditures into tax deductible operating expenses.

Digitizing Paper-Based Process

Technology has so seamlessly replaced paper processes that it’s difficult to remember how things used to be done. In nearly all cases, the evolution from paper-based items to their electronic counterparts is profoundly more efficient. Let's take a look:

Scanning Documents with Indexing


Paper Documents

  • Tediously shuffle paper between individuals and departments
  • Difficult to track changes when collaborating on a document

Digital Documents

  • Seamless electronic transfer between individuals and departments
  • Easy to track changes and records comments using “Track Changes” feature

Mail & Faxes

  • Constant maintenance required to organize and find documents, especially really old ones
  • Access based on location of documents
  • Easily misplaced or damaged


  • Easily searchable based on content & metadata
  • Access from phone or browser
  • Archived forever. Even in the event of a deletion, can potentially be recovered

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

  • Slow process to look up words & topics one by one
  • All data remains inside volumes of book
  • Access from wherever the book is at the time


  • Instantaneous access to information using search
  • Ability to save, copy, & bookmark data to reference
  • Access from anywhere with Internet

Newspapers, Books & Magazines

  • News quickly becomes outdated
  • Message constrained by word space & page count
  • Slow redaction time & news cycle
  • Each new book takes up more space

Media Websites & eBooks

  • Immediate access to content
  • Message not constrained by space
  • Real-time updates, amendments, & 24-hour news cycle
  • Compact e-reader holds multiple books & magazines

Printed Maps

  • No way to factor in traffic, road closures and other barriers
  • Gets worn out, cumbersome to use while driving
  • Becomes out-of-date

Waze, Google Maps & Navigation Devices

  • Reacts to traffic to maximize route efficiency and gives an accurate estimate of arrival time
  • Lives within a mobile device
  • Updated regularly to ensure accurate navigation

Business Cards & Rolodex's

  • Business cards pile up and get lost
  • Rolodex must be manually updated

Contacts Synced

  • Contacts live within email program & mobile phone app
  • Updates to contact information automatically synced across devices

Compare the Cost of In-House Scanning vs Outsourcing

QLS-Dollar-SignIn-house scanning is a costly process. Your business may:
• Use valuable employee time 
• Invest in expensive scanning equipment and software
• Pay for off-site record storage or use valuable office space
• Create poorly categorized documents, duplicate pages or inaccessible records 
• Lose valuable opportunity and productivity with customers.

  • Preserve large formats, blueprints, documents and photographs on CD/DVD
  • Restore valuable historical documents and photographs
  • Remove unwanted elements from documents and photographs
  • Archive and restore institutional records and documents
  • OCR (optical Character Recognition)
  • plus more!

Did you know, 100 standard storage boxes could take up to 12 months of full-time employee work to convert to electronic documents? Our Company and others that provide Document Management Solutions can help your business save time, money, and headaches!

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How do you and your business manage your documents and files? What Software and Services are you utilizing? And how is it working out for you? We love hearing about everyone's opinions and experiences, feel free to share!


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