Business Laser Printers Save Money Over Traditional InkJet Models

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Wed, Jul 03, 2013

Business Laser Printers have been in existence for quite a while now. Although they're not a new invention, many businesses overlook just how useful these devices are. They require fewer refills and less maintenance than the often-sought-after inkjet printer, and the refills typically cost less per page, too. Laser printers are one way to go if your business is looking to save a little cash.

Business Laser PrintersThe reason for this is that laser printers, rather than using expensive ink, use a fine toner powder to print the letters and pictures on the page. Because this powder is very fine, and toner cartridges are typically larger than ink canisters, it takes less toner to print a page than it does ink. That means that a single toner cartridge can last anywhere from 2000-5000 prints!

Not only does this mean that toner has to be replaced less often, it also means less maintenance on the printer itself. Every time ink runs out on a traditional printer, the printer must be opened up, and the ink cartridges must be replaced. When this happens, there is always an opportunity for damage to occur. With an inkjet printer, this happens many times more often. As a result, inkjet printers often have to be repaired more often than laser printers.

Not only that, but for many business models, the toner cartridges are no more expensive than regular inkjet ink cartridges. If anything, they are 2-3 times more expensive for a product that last possibly ten times longer. The savings over inkjet printers over time is astounding.

Not to mention that toner dries instantly, unlike ink. Although color laser printers are very expensive, for a print shop, purchasing one may save time when it comes to production errors. Rather than waiting a few minutes for the ink to dry, toner dries instantly. That means higher quality output and reduced risk of smudging.

All in all, business laser printers offer many features that may make them more advantageous than inkjet models when it comes to printing for business. Whether it's photos or text, there's something out there for everyone.

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