Document Capture Software May Benefit Durable Medical Equipment Firms

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Jun 18, 2013

Document Capture Software

Do you own a small durable medical equipment firm that's been using a paper based system? If so, the thought of the healthcare industry's switch to digital records has probably got you concerned. In order to compete effectively, you'll obviously need to switch to a computerized system. The good news is that document capture software may help to make the transition easier and cost effective. It may also help you stay competitive.

Although prices will vary based on the vendor, HP compatible, document capture software tends to cost far less than physician focused EHR/EMR systems. The software is also capable of efficiently performing all of the tasks that you'll need to complete in order to work with area healthcare providers.

Take the software's capture feature for example. It may be used to transfer all of your completed paper order forms into digital ones. Some of the software systems also offer authentication, restricted access and logging history features that will help you address any HIPPA related concerns that may arise.

Digital Document FilesOnce your company's durable medical equipment order forms have been captured, you can index them based on the order's origin. The document capture software also has full text search capabilities. Such features may prove helpful when you want to engage in the marketing analysis, refine inventory management or prepare billing statements.

In addition, document capture software may be used to quickly route paperwork to a variety of healthcare industry members. For example, let's assume that a HCBS organization contacts you and requests a quote on a CPAP machine. You can use the document capture software to send the organization sales collateral as well as an electronic invoice. That same invoice could later be forwarded to the end user's payer source and primary care physician.

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