Approving with Documents, How Much Does it Cost your Company?

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Thu, May 23, 2013

According to recent AIIM research, in 56% of organizations, more than half of the printed documents are printed just to add a signature – creating paper bottlenecks that cause process delays and introduce higher overhead costs.

Printed Documents Overhead CostsWhat exactly are these bottlenecks? The printing, signing, re-scanning of a document to approve is not a very elegant or cost effective part of a workflow. In fact, if your organization systemically does this for approvals, it is consuming 40–60% of the Processes life-cycle and its related expense.

What about Digital Signatures? Are they part of a secure and compliant electronic process that is legally defensible in audits, regulatory and governance practices?

Here is a link to a Great White Paper from AIIM that addresses these and many more. The white paper can help you de-mystify a lot of questions as you develop your strategy to enhance this process.

Let me know what you think of the white paper and if you would like to chat about strategies to reduce costs and increase process efficiency.

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Topics: Document Management Solutions, Managed Print Services, Waste Reduction, ECM