Coming to a Copier near you, APPs!

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Mon, May 20, 2013

People always ask me what will be the new technology in Office Laser Printers, MFPs and Copiers. This is a very difficult question to answer, as there are several potential answers. One of particular interest is Hewlett Packard’s OXP.

HP OXP is Hewlett Packard’s Open Extensibility Platform, a platform for developers to create Apps to incorporate the Printer or MFP (Copier) with other hardware like tablets, PCs and Smartphones and Enterprise Software such as ERP, CRM, etc.

Primarily developed for workflow business processes, HP OXP comes in three different and unique varieties:

  1. HP OXPd, the device layer, enables document workflow applications
  2. HP OXPm, the management layer, exposes functionality for management software like HP Web Jetadmin
  3. HP OXPw, the workflow layer, embeds web services technology into software like the HP Universal Printer Driver (HP UPD)

Hewlett Packard’s Open Extensibility Platform

Basically the concept is to route paper documents into a business process workflow and incorporate the document images within other applications. An example might be for Accounts Payable (AP), where an Invoice is scanned and routed for audit purposes and payment authorization. Accomplished in this scenario would include the ability to also store the document(s) simultaneously in a Document Management Repository and to link the image to the ERP or accounting software.

Many Document Based Business Processes are slow because of outdated procedures. Many businesses and organizations are using HP OXP to automate and expedite these processes.

I believe in the very near future you will see a dramatic increase in new Apps for HP OXP devices coming from heavy hitter software giants such as Oracle, Great Plains, Intuit and others.

The question is, is your Company willing to explore this technology to advance the usefulness of the Laser Printer or Copier?

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