5 Reasons Why Automatic Toner Ordering Saves Businesses Time & Money

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Thu, May 09, 2013

Your imaging equipment requires high-quality toner to function. Whom do you entrust with the responsibility of buying plenty of toner to keep the printers, copiers and fax machines operational? Why not set up automatic toner ordering, and eliminate the potential for human error?

  1. Managed Print Services ControlHave equipment make and model number son file with the vendor. Does your intern know where to find the copier's model number? Does the paper with the multi-function printer's model number keep getting lost on the office manger's desk? When you set up an automatic toner order process with your vendor, you do not have to worry about these crucial details.
  2. Only order what you need. How many boxes of toner did you have left over when you upgraded your equipment the last time? Do you have multiple toner packs for the printer on hand but none for the copier? Eliminate the problem of surplus inventories with an automated ordering process.
  3. Control the costs of your office supply expenses. When several individuals do the supply buying, it is not unusual to find that they order from a variety of vendors who do not always offer the lowest prices on the items. Set up an automatic ordering process for your toner with the vendor who offers you the best deals.
  4. Place the order when you need it. Do not worry about office hours or when the office manager is back from vacation to place an order. An automated process uses your already existing PC or network to contact the vendor when the toner cartridge reaches the 15% mark (or customizable to your need).
  5. Know that the toner is on its way. The contact works both ways. While the software alerts the vendor that it is time to fill your toner order, the system also sends you a confirmation email. You know that an order will be on its way shortly. No guessing. No worrying.

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QLS Solutions Group is committed to making office supplies ordering just a little bit easier and more convenient. We do away with last-minute dashes to the overpriced office supply store down the street. We also eliminate frustrating returns and product exchanges. Contact us to set up your business for automatic toner ordering today.

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