Three Things to Consider When Evaluating Managed Print Services

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Mon, May 06, 2013

Managed Print Services Strategy

If you're considering Managed Print Services for your business, you'll likely find that there are numerous companies, with varying levels of offerings, that seem to support your needs. However, there are some points you should consider when evaluating the competing services. Here are three of them:

  1. Be sure that the MPS company has a successful management process. This seems intuitive, but it's easy to overlook. Some business owners may simply place the emphasis on the "print" side of things as opposed to the "management" side. A good MPS company is able to manage the print services, starting with an assessment, then following through with a recommendation, and continuing with ongoing support.
  2. Managed Print Services Cost SavingsBe sure that the MPS company doesn't have a bias towards a particular manufacturer. If such a bias exists, then your company may end up paying extra money for hardware, sometimes based solely on the name rather than the quality. A good MPS company will realize that your company has a budget, and recommend hardware within the constraints of that budget.
  3. Be sure the MPS company you can provide a sound initial assessment. If the MPS company doesn't know where you're starting from, how can it help you reach your goals? The MPS company should be able to provide you with a statement about your organization's current situation, including what equipment needs to be replaced, what equipment can be kept, and even recommendations for consolidation. You should also get an explanation about how proposed solutions by the MPS company will work within the constraints of your existing infrastructure.

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