Automatic Toner Ordering: Never Panic Again!

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Thu, Apr 04, 2013

Managed Print Services and Toner Solution

Let's talk about toner.

You have to have it – if you run a business that generates reports, shipping labels, invoices, or receipts; toner is the life's blood of your business. If you run out of toner your business stops.

And, if you don't need to print every day, running out of toner on the day that you do need to print can be a catastrophic occurrence. Imagine you just completed a report that MUST be delivered to your boss in five minutes. You issue the print command at your computer, go to the printer, wait anxiously, and... the out of toner light blinks to life.

Not good.

So what are your options?

It's not a good option, but you could do nothing if you love the sinking feeling in your stomach when you run out of toner.

Many businesses develop their own ordering plan. The plan could be based on always maintaining at least two toner cartridges for every printer in your business. When a cartridge is used, it is checked out so you know how many cartridges you have and when you need to order. This can be effective, but it requires discipline and training. All staff members have to commit to following procedures and you have to check the status of your toner inventory. This method also requires you to keep extra toner on hand.

This option works very well for some businesses. You simply outsource printer maintenance and toner replacement to somebody else. If this option appeals to you please take a look at our PaaS Managed Print Services Programs.

A piece of equipment that monitors toner levels is placed on your computer or network. When toner reaches a predetermined level an order is automatically placed. This is great compromise between a fully managed printer services program and doing it yourself. There is never a need to carry extra inventory of toner. It is replaced as needed.

QLS offers Managed Print Services, Automatic Toner Ordering and several Document Management Solution Programs that are designed to help your business succeed!


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