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Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Apr 02, 2013

Going Paperless Document Management Strategy

Paper can mean clutter in an office – boxes and countless files to manage and store – not to mention making sure you have enough room for everything that needs to be archived. Although, reducing clutter is a worthy and achievable goal it may not be the largest benefit of a Paperless Office. Here are three major benefits for going paperLESS.

  1. Data: The single most benefit you will receive from a paperless office is better access to the data that impacts your business. By converting paper documents to electronic ones, you open up the possibility of putting that information to work for you. With searchable files you can now discover trends in your business, increase the speed at which you can access the information needed for decision making – and greatly simplify the ability to dispense data and information to senior leadership. If you choose to use a cloud service your data can be accessed from smart phones, laptops, tablets or any Internet-connected device.
  2. Information Recovery: Cloud servers, hard drives and CDs take up significantly less space and are much simpler to store and access than boxes of paper files. This will increase the efficiency of your company and possibly reduce your office space needs. With a Paperless Office, when information needs to be obtained, anyone with access to that information can search the material –– instead of waiting on a single person to find, copy and distribute paper copies. Also, if there is a catastrophic event at work, like a fire, you not have the multiple backups of the information on CDs, hard drives or in the cloud. The information no longer needs to be physically on site.
  3. Get Your Money Faster: One aspect often overlooked in a Paperless Office is the speed at which you can receive your account receivables. When you rely on paper invoices and checks for payment, you often spend a lot of time waiting for your money. By shifting to electronic payment you can entice your customer to pay more quickly (since it's simpler for them) or you can send them an automated electronic reminder if they have not paid their bill on time (simpler for you).

A paper-based office can be expensive, but you will do more than reduce your costs when you go paperless. It is estimated that more than two million tons of greenhouse gases would be reduced if every household in the U.S. paid their bills online.

Going Paperless is Green

When you decide to go paperless, let us help. Use our document scanning services to minimize stress and to ease into the process. Besides scanning the initial documents for you, we also offer optional services like scanner rentals, document hosting and backup services.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of going paperLESS and the services we offer.

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