Document Management Solutions Moving to the Cloud

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Mon, Mar 25, 2013

Many Document Management Solutions are now utilizing the mobility of the Cloud to make tasks untethered and easier to complete. The Cloud can be a great way for your business to store needed information for access from any mobile device or desktop. The ease of the Cloud gives your business a boost in productivity.


Cloud Based Business Model


There are many Software Solutions available that utilize a Cloud based result. These solutions are designed to allow you the freedom necessary to fulfill the needs of your customers in a timely fashion.

Take a look at some of these software packages and what they offer.

docSTAR is releasing eclipse, a document management system that also incorporates accounts information and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics. docSTAR CEO Thomas Franceski says here, "eclipse adds a level of document control that was previously unmanaged with Dynamics."

Another Cloud based solution for document management is the Secure Content Locker app by AirWatch. Secure Content Locker lets manage your documents in a remote manner to let you your freedom to work. Administrators can adjust which users are allowed to view and save documents. Documents can be set to be offline or online read-only. Search is available through keywords. A full list of functionality for Secure Content Locker can be read here.

Dokmee also supplies a Cloud based document management solution. For a limited time, Dokmee provides its lowest tier of Cloud management for free. This gives you 100 megabytes of storage and one user to access files. Additional users will cost $10 for each one. You can review a full list of tiers that Dokmee provides for a cloud based solution.

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