Hewlett-Packard Further Beset by Decline in Printing

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

While there is no doubt that Office Document Printing is in decline; Printers, MFPs, Scanners, etc are still essential for many businesses and individuals.

A recent TMCnet.com article sums it up nicely for Hewlett Packard. Xerox, LexMark and all of the other Printer, MFC & Copier Makers have the same challenges.

Businesses are:

  • Printing Less – thanks to tablets, Apps, Document Management Software and other technologies (think eMail).

  • Exploring Paper-Less Solutions such as Document Management Software (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions complete with workflow to eliminate Paper and it’s time-worn tradition of costing organizations plenty of unnecessary labor dollars.

My Take-Aways:

Cloud Printing
Have Questions? Speak to a DMS Specialist!

Does anyone have another take-away from the article?

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