6 Myths About Document Management Solutions & Why Your Office Should Go Paperless

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Tue, Nov 15, 2011

Document Management Solutions Myths vs FactsIt is late 2011 and most Organizations are responding to evolutions in technology; buying new tablet devices and other gadgets as well as their Apps. These devices and technology are often implemented without an ROI Assessment and generally deployed as necessary to remain current. What about Businesses & Organizations embracing Document Management Software and Paperless Office Strategies? With such an obvious ROI and many other environmental, productivity, security and compliance benefits, you would think there would be a race to make your office less papered.

Here are 6 Myths that many Companies and Organizations believe about Document Management Solutions and the Paperless Office, as well as the Reality and Opportunity with ignoring these Myths:

Myth #1: "We can’t afford Document Management or a Paperless Office"

The Reality is working with a combination of paper and electronic documents is very expensive and inefficient, and inefficiency costs money. If you were a fly on the wall in many offices you would find a great deal of time is spent looking for information from documents and records in order for staff members to complete their tasks. They are always looking for folders and documents that are not always readily available, often times on people's desks or in salesmen's cars. This is real money and if the records, documents, etc. were always available to everyone in the workgroup, there would be a lot of man hours available for other tasks and initiatives.

Inversely, even very high end Document Management Solutions that include Software, Hardware, Integration, Training & Support can usually be deployed using a Lease with a very manageable monthly cost over a 36 month period and these leases are $1.00 buy-out. The return on investment happens in the first month and continues every subsequent month. 100% ROI generally occurs within 18 months. Can your office really Afford to continue working with Paper?

Myth #2: “The Paperless Office is All or Nothing. Paper must totally be eliminated”

The Reality is Going Paperless is a gradual & deliberate Process. Sure, reducing paper that arrives in your office is a great metric to focus on; but the real Value in a less Papered Office are made by taking an unmanaged/unregulated process (the mix of paper & electronic documents)and using a Solution to Manage your Records and Automate Document Processes that are currently manual.

There will always be some paper in the Office, don’t get distracted by this. All of the important enterprise records and documents are managed, compliant and secure. Something your organization has never had before.

Myth #3: “Dedicated IT Staff are required to Maintain a Document Management Solution”

Document Management Software SolutionsThe Reality is while it is True that each Company or Organization that is Going Paperless should have at least 1 “Champion”, someone who really gets it and is willing to evangelize and assist with the administrative functions required. Today’s Software Solutions for Document Management are very user friendly and geared toward end-user adoption.

Myth #4: “Employees will resist the change to a Paperless Office”

The Reality is, few people actually like change being brought upon them but staff members are getting used to it. They have been working with paper for years and it isn’t much of a change for them to receive documents via email, etc. and print them to paper, so that’s what they have been doing.

But when they realize that they can have their documents and related information in seconds rather than minutes or hours, they will really start to warm up to this.Additionally Document Management Solutions make unmanaged business processes more structured. This means your staff will quickly be more productive and have additional time for other initiatives and tasks.

Myth #5: “Paper is More Reliable than Document Management”

The Reality is people are comfortable with holding Paper Documents and working with them. But paper documents are not always reliably available when you want or need information from them. They are often is a “workflow”, on someone else’s desk or car, or simply misfiled or loss. This is not reliability.Document Management Solutions Fact

Theft, Fire, Flood or any other disaster can completely destroy a Company or Organizations Documents in a very short period of time. Because this is typically a multi-million dollar asset or expense, and there is no chance to restore burned or flooded documents, the expense to replace or at least continue to operate without them is immeasurable.

How many Companies and Organizations lose all of their Important Documents and Records during Hurricane Katrina? Do you think this loss might have contributed to the Company not resuming operations or going out of business? Was the expense associated with losing their documents overwhelming them?

On the other hand, scanned paper documents along with electronic documents, when managed properly, are 100% reliably available. If you have a fire or theft at you location(s), your documents are still safe as your back-up strategy provides one or more redundant assurances that your documents have been preserved.

Myth #6: “Paper Documents are More Secure and easier to demonstrate Compliance”

The Reality is Controlling Access to Paper Based Documents with a series of Locked Cabinets and Rooms creates a large opportunity for theft and loss of documents. A very unmanaged process of unlocking cabinets in the morning and locking them in the evening provides no ability to demonstrate that the information has been safeguarded and are protected. This process is also very laborious as after finding a document, you generally have to replace it back in the same drawer and folder, many documents are lost or discarded by unconcerned staff or temps.

Document Management Software replaces this cumbersome and unsecure process with document-level access control, using passwords, document encryption, assigning of permission-based roles to users guaranteeing that your documents cannot be viewed, duplicated, destroyed or otherwise from an unauthorized user.

Ready to take another look at Going Paperless? What would it take to do so? Reach out to a Document Management Specialist, or better yet, a couple and see what Solution, Methodology and Cost would be right for your Company or Organization!

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