Converting Libraries of Service & Product Manuals

Posted by Luke Collard on Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Books to Digital FormatHow long does it take you to access information that is in a hardcopy book or manual? Is your time worth more than $1? Considering the importance of being mobile and being to access information quickly in today’s business world is enormous. As more and more of today’s workforce become more mobile, gone are the days of carrying Service & Product Manuals.

Think of the manuals or books located in your office that takes up some much space and when you reference them, it takes a half hour to data mine. While the transition away from print media has been going on for a while now, customers are always calling looking for a cheaper way to scan books or manuals. Now if you are trying to preserve the book or manual, then converting them into text searchable PDF for a tablet device can very expensive and labor intensive.

However, I think about why you need the hard copy once the book or manual is in a digital format; and because of the demand, the Document Management Industry has shifted and Companies such ours has created Solutions for customers. Below is an example of QLS' Scanning Service Process.

ScanServ™ Scanning Service Process

  1. Provide QLS with an estimate of how many pages you have to scan.
    The number of Bankers Boxes, File Drawers, etc. will allow us to estimate a page count.
  2. QLS will evaluate the quality of the files to be scanned.
    How many Staples, Paper Clips to be Removed/Replaced. Page Sizes & Page Types, etc.
  3. We then can give you an estimate of the number of Pages & provide a CPP (Cost Per Page) to Scan/Index.
  4. We then pick-up your Documents via Carrier or Local Van Service
  5. Documents are carefully Prepared, Scanned, Reviewed & Indexed at our Conversion Facility in .PDF or TIFF Format (Full OCR, Black/White or Color)
  6. Scanned Images are Delivered via CD, DVD, Hard-Disk, eMail or Web Download.
  7. Originals can be Shipped Back to you or Destroyed at our facility.

    *PDFs delivered for your contents are accessible Anytime & Anywhere.
    *Books: $1 per 100 Pages

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