Business Case for MPS | Expense or Waste Reduction

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Tue, Mar 22, 2011

Managed Print ServicesQuality Laser Services, Inc., like a lot of your businesses, is a firm that focuses internally on Expense Reduction as an ongoing task; partially because of the global economy and how it affects our ability to be competitive.

Let’s face it, with change coming rapidly from every angle, it is really important to test the waters, and seek reductions in cost from a variety of traditional Business Expenses. And with all of these new monthly expenses for SaaS, Wireless Devices, GPS, etc that we all are experiencing, it really makes sense to make sure your costs are current to the market.

What is the Difference between Expense and Waste?

Expense is the “Cost” associated with your Heat Bill, for example. Waste is leaving the window open in February as you’re trying to heat your business.

Here is a tough question that all of us that are charged with the task of continually reducing expenses: How much Waste can be cut from our Process(es) 10%? 20%? 30%?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a methodology that through its stages, addresses both Expense Reduction & Waste Reduction.

Managed Print Services Costs-Savings Model

In the Printer/Copier Fleet Environment, Expense Reduction is addressed as follows (short list):

  1. Reducing your Fleet of Devices to a reasonable number. Most companies have simply too many printers, MFPs, Copiers & Fax Machines.
  2. Optimize your devices for the correct job. Color Printers for Color Jobs, Larger, Lower Cost Printer Workhorses for Large Print Volumes. Large mono print jobs cost twice as much on a color device as they do on mono printers.
  3. Develop Business Process that completely negate the need for a Paper Based Process, therefore eliminating the machine. After all, isn’t no cost per page, the lowest cost per page? Document Management Solutions.

      Managed Print Services (MPS) also addresses Waste Reduction:

      1. Do you really need 11 X 17 Printers? Do you even have 11 X 17 Paper in house? And if you do use this larger format, could you find another device in your fleet or outsource?
      2. Stock room full of expired toners? MPS providers generally practice JIT (just in time) Supplies delivery to avoid this waste.
      3. How about Print Jobs that are never retrieved? Ever see that? You could force “PIN Printing” forcing users to enter a PIN Code to get their prints. If they don’t show up, the prints remain in memory, not paper.
        I mention these opportunities to reduce Expense and Waste, because this is what I know and witness regularly. An assessment or a month of operation applying analytics will demonstrate the Expense & Waste Reduction Potential in any Printing/Copying Office Environment.

        Are there any other areas in your business(es) that Waste is the norm and provides an opportunity for Expense Reduction?

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