For Sale: The Market Changes, but The People Remain The Same.

Posted by Keith Hurt on Mon, Jan 17, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to read a few excerpts from the “Referral Engine”, I didn’t get a buzz, until I had the opportunity to touch on a few pages that were mentioned during a meeting. The more I listened, the more fascinating it became. It wasn’t the glitz and glamour of technology that caught my attention, it was the consistency of one element: The more the market changes, the more the core values of the market stay the same, the people.

Managed Print ServicesAt the end of the day, what I feel makes me so successful at what I do, is that my focus isn’t trying to reach each person with a price tag, but the opportunity to offer them value. I love helping people, point blank. It’s a chance to make their issue my issue, until they reach the point that they can make the best decision for themselves. I don’t sell things, only offer trust; and the opportunity to do a great job for someone. I understand the concept of the different types of business infrastructures; whether it is new marketing tactics or the traditional model that everyone remembers from TV; but the people never change. It’s all about making the digital experience personal.

When a customer places an order, whether it is by phone or an online webpage; I try to always make an effort to make our interaction a personal one. After an online order, I’ll send them a personal e-mail back. If I’m setting up a Easy Order for them, I will make an excuse just to call and let them know what they are looking for from my company, and as well as what I am personally trying to accomplish for them. My personal favorite is when a customer calls in to place an order and starts giving me information like it’s a script that they have read a dozen times. As soon as I ask who’s calling, I pause, to make sure I say their name and greet them personally. It’s something small, but the important thing is, it’s something.

Even a tool like CRM software, can only enhance what I do. I listen to my customers, not just about what they are looking for during the sale, but who they are. I always seek this common ground and when they call back I always look for key things to remind me of who they are, personally. The CRM software allows me to store things about my customers into the database rather then trying to keep it all in my mental rolodex. Keeping in mind that the database is also accessible to authorized employees. It’s not like I’m forcing a relationship, I just listen and jot things down that we talk about that catches interest. When a customer calls me back and remember who I am, I’m sure they can hear the smile on my face through the phone because I can hear the tone change; remember it’s not just the transaction anymore.

Managed Print Services

Now all this could simply be me, but am I really the only person that gets a kick out of offering more then a product, but a personality? Have we completely hidden ourselves behind the delete buttons and dial tones? Are people so focused on the total that they subtract the mathematics’ of humanity?

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