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Posted by Gary Skalyo on Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Over the last 2 years, as the Global Economy has suffered historic setbacks, Businesses of all sizes seem to have renewed their interest in low-end Personal Laser Printers.

Over the last 24 Months we have seen a tremendous demand for these little printers, despite our recommendations to clients for New & Refurbished Sustainable Printers.

Recently, The Imaging Channel, reported in their newsletter the results of a study about 'Popular Personal Laser Printers' from several manufacturers. Here are those results:

Printer Model

Release Date


Current Cost per Page (CPP)


Increase in CPP

CanonD420 ImageClass

Sep 2010

Canon PC-D320

3.8 cents

3.4 cents


Canon MF4570 ImageClass

Sep 2010

Canon MF4730 ImageClass

3.9 cents

3.5 cents


Dell 1350CNW

Sep 2010

Dell 1320C

3.5 cents mono

3.0 cents mono

16.7% mono




18.5 cents color

14.9 cents color

24.2% color

HP LaserJet PRO CP1025

Nov 2010

HP Color LaserJet CP1215

4.7 cents mono

3.2 cents mono

46.9% mono




22.1 cents color

17.0 cents color

30% color

HP LaserJet PRO CP15255

Nov 2010

HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1515/1518

3.5 cents mono

3.2 cents mono

9.4% mono




18.9 cents color

17.0 cents color

11.2% color

HP LaserJet Pro P1102/P1102w

Apr 2010

HP LaserJet P1005/P1006

4.3 cents

4.0 cents


HP LaserJet Pro 1606DN

May 2010

HP LaserJet P1505

3.7 cents

3.4 cents


Okidata B411

May 2010

Okidata B410

3.1 cents

2.7 cents


Okidata B431

May 2010

Okidata B430

2.3 cents

2.1 cents


Samsung ML-2525

May 2010

Samsung ML-2510

3.0 cents

2.7 cents


**CPP is Based on consumeable pricing and yields at the time of publication

The above table makes a great Business Case for Managed Print Services Programs that have fixed costs for each page printed or copied. If your print volume is significant, say 2,000-4,000 pages monthly (this is a 'personal printer'), there are also Programs out there that provide Service, Supplies as well as Support for 2¢ per page or less.

Managed Print Services

The takeaway from this Study are that Personal Laser Printers, especially from the Low-End of the cost spectrum, really cost moreto own [Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)] in the long run.

It is also interesting to note, if you buy a Laser Printer that is a little Higher-End, the Cost-per-Page (CPP) prices are significantly less. The long & short of it is, buy a $100 Printer and pay 30–130% per page; more than if you would have bought a $300-$400 device. This 'Economy of Scale' repeats itself through the entire spectrum of printers on the market.

Like many other Green Office Practices, using Refurbished Laser Printers (Sustainable Printers at that), will also save your company money and be great for the environment.


Is there ever a time when it makes sense to save a few bucks up front on a Printer, just to give it all back and more over a period 1-3 years?

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