Business Case for the Paperless Office | Filing Cabinet Catastrophe

Posted by Debbie Besaw on Fri, Jan 07, 2011

I can’t believe it was only a few short years ago that I was still using our old filing cabinet in our office to file away every piece a paper that came across my desk. What a pain it would be going through all of that Vendor & Customer filing alphabetizing, punching holes, stapling, and worst of all standing over a file cabinet for hours every week!

Of course, when a customer would call and want to discuss a service call from a month ago- well then it would be a real ordeal, and would go something like this:

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Me: "Well sir let put you on hold so I can pull your file." <Put the customer on hold walk to the filing cabinet hoping the file was put away correctly in alphabetical order>

If I was lucky the file would be there in the right spot where it was suppose to be; and not sitting on someone else's desk or perhaps filed under A when it was suppose to be filed under B.

As I grab the file head back to my desk, all the while my customer is holding and waiting patiently. I flip through the file and realize --wait the service order I needed isn’t in the file folder!  I tell the customer, "...I will have to call you back!" I would then frantically run throughout the office searching through piles of unfiled papers while asking co-workers if they have seen the service order.

Searching through other customer files thinking maybe the pages were stuck together.  Finally, when the document was located (an hour later) I call my customer back now prepared to discuss their issue.

Well, that felt like a lifetime ago (thankfully) but ever since my company started using a Document Management Solution --over four years ago, it made my life so much easier. The actual filing takes me less than a quarter of the time that it used to. Now, I simply scan the document and it shows up in a repository on my computer that I would be able to index few key components of the document.  For example, Customer Name, Date, Sales Order Number, etc.

Now, when a customer calls with a question regarding a service order from a month ago, piece of cake! It is as simple as typing my customers name and date range in the search and *poof* I instantaneously have the document I need to help my customer.   If our office decided to go back to our old ways of filing; our staffing level would not be able to handle the work. I am convinced that we would have to hire someone just to file and retrieve paper documents in itself.

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The Cost and Time Savings are unbelievable!

Have you experienced any of these filing set backs? what are your office experiences?


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