Business Case for Managed Print Services | Poor OEM Support

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Fri, Dec 10, 2010

Managed Print ServicesTechnical Support across the board is not well received in the IT and Printing & Imaging Industries as of late. In fact, the feedback I have heard is that it is exceedingly poor and is frustrating to customers.

Case in point is Hewlett Packard Technical Support. In order for an end user to obtain Warranty Service and/or receive Phone Support, they must Call 800-HP-INVENT. This leads to what is in a best case scenario is a 45–60 minute phone call.

Now being in the IT and Printing & Imaging Industries for over 20 years, I realize that Supporting Customers provides challenges. One of the challenges is the wide spectrum of technical "know how" for each of your client callers. This is why it is so important to start with the basics. However HP’s technical support is insulting to most business end-users and as a result, they are alienating a lot of customers.

Furthermore, when you call HP because a brand new, under warranty Laser Printer or Multifunction Printer (MFP) requires service; HP attempts to provide you a replacement printer as long as you don’t mind paying a $79.00 charge. Most Companies and Individuals agree, we should not have to pay a cent for service performed during the warranty period.

Apparently, Hewlett Packard is not selective with end user customers when they provide this substandard service. Check out this Youtube video of one of our Soldiers in Iraq.  His level of frustration has made him do the unimaginable...

Now Quality Laser Services, Inc. is an Authorized and Long Time Hewlett Packard Dealer; and HP’s Support Shortcomings have put a lot of pressure on our team to compensate for this, as our Customer Service Levels are not dictated by HP or anyone else, except our customers.

In marketing our various Managed Print Services (MPS) offerings to clients we have come to illustrate the value of calling Quality Laser as opposed to Hewlett Packard, and Customers get it! You only have to deal with HP Support once to know 45 minutes is just too long.

Managed Print Services (MPS) involves managing hardcopy device fleets (copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and fax machines) in a unified fashion. While this can be done internally, the term is typically associated with outsourcing the fleet to an external vendor. (

One tremendous value in a Managed Print Agreement with a Trusted Provider is that they will not put you through these time consuming and non-productive support calls; and if they do, you are working with the wrong providers.

Most MPS Providers will ask you a few basic questions on the phone and quickly deduce if you need onsite support or not. These are the guys you should be working with, a provider that is committed to both saving your company money as well as time and productivity.

Managed Print Services

Does anyone have anything to add to this trend?

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