The Long Tail of Offline Marketing, Lock Box Protectors?

Posted by Gary Skalyo on Fri, Nov 26, 2010

Inbound Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Social Media; it’s awesome! I am absolutely obsessed with the New Rules of Marketing & PR.

I do and can really appreciate when old-school, offline marketing efforts can produce Long Tail results. I am constantly looking for Offline Marketing Initiatives that seem to defy people’s ability to ignore them.

Document Management Solutions & Managed Print ServicesRecently, I listed my house for sale. I Document Management Solutions & Managed Print Serviceshave done this all too often it seems in the past 5 years. I know the drill, I know the way things are done.

My Realtor, Michael Olear of the Olear Group came over and we signed the listing agreement. He then produced a very well designed Lock-Box to hang on my door knob containing the key to that same door. The reason I say well designed is because it was made of a molded rubber encasement over a steel box. It absolutely will not scratch your door, much different than the last couple I had.

Anyway, a day or two later I arrive home from work and I can see from the car that there was some sort of die-cut protective device (see photo) newly installed under the impressive lock box. I thought to myself, “Why would Michael do that”? “the lock box really didn’t need this”. Oh well, chalk one up for leaving nothing to chance, or so I thought.

Upon further inspection, beer in hand, after work clothes, I noticed that the new protective feature was an advertisement placed there by Homepro of WNY (Western New York).  Full disclosure, I have actually employed Doug Manzella’s Company in the past and have had buyer’s do the same. I know they are a good company; Doug being a talented inspector. The thoughtful marketing that they employ only supports their brand awareness and quality appreciation that I have for them.

This isn’t interruptive marketing. This isn’t marketing dollars wasted on unqualified eyeballs. This is long tail offline marketing. First off, despite Michael Olear’s wonderful lock box, I really appreciate this die-cut neoprene protective door guard Homepro of WNY installed. I only wish I had it the last time, I am certain the lock box scratched the door, at the end of the day.

The long tail aspect is that everyone arriving home to this gift is extraordinarily qualified to use their service, save for the fraction moving out of the area or renting.

Once again, I would like to challenge you to find offline, old school marketing practices that will yield remarkable, long tail results.

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