HP ePrint: It's Odd That No One Thought of it Sooner

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Sep 17, 2013

Hewlett Packard ePrint

It seems so intuitive and simple, a printer that you can send an email to and it prints out any attached documents. However, this device is just now reaching the printer market, courtesy of HP.

If your printer did not come with your computer, connecting it to your device is often a lengthy process, which many people find frustrating at times. In addition, if you have to restore your device to an earlier time with system restore or take it back to factory conditions to eliminate spyware or malware, you sometimes have to completely re-install your printer's software. It's annoying.

With HP ePrint, all of that hassle is gone from the equation and you can just communicate with the printer via email.

This feature also gives you the ability to print things from the Internet with ease, keep track of your job history and manage your settings, just as you would be able to with standard printer software programs. As long as the printer you want to print to, supports ePrint, you are in business.

In addition to printing from laptops, desktops and netbooks, you can also download the HP ePrint app for several of your Apple brand devices. Currently, there are only apps for the iPod Touch (generations 2 and 3), the iPhone 2G, 3Gs, 3G and 4 and the iPad. However, HP is working to make ePrint compatible with all major devices.

Hewlett Packard ePrintHow Does ePrint Differ from Standard Printing?

ePrint, though convenient, does have a few limitations. However, for most people and for most print jobs, the program is sufficient.

With ePrint, sometimes you will notice that your print out's formatting, text and style will look different from the original document. If you need to print something to exact specifications, then you need to use traditional means. Also, you should not expect super high quality, with ePrint, though your documents will still good. If high quality is necessary, you have to print traditionally.

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