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Posted by Bob Loblaw on Thu, Sep 05, 2013

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When document production evolved from the electric typewriter -- remember the removable "golf-ball" typing head? -- to the modern word processor, document management solutions did not necessarily follow. In fact, the problem of proliferation of paperwork and high printing and storage costs got bigger.

Not so much result of demand and ready supply, rather than where to put it all -- and how to easily find it later -- the challenge posed by the parallel growth of digital and paper storage began to be front-loaded as laser printers cranked out more and more. In fact, word processors got everyone off to somewhat of a false start in managing paperwork.

Decentralized computer work stations began to fill up inefficiently managed digital files, and everything was nevertheless printed and filed away -- often never to be used twice. The sheer volume of correspondence, printed invoices, brochures, instruction manuals and simply working papers dominated everyone's working day. Networking helped, but seemed to bury everyone's files either deeper or wider on the server's vast directories.

Document Management SolutionsHere's the problem: The reasons everyone keeps so much are (1) some documents have some legal reason for staying around; (2) they serve as a model or template to create similar documents; or (3) you never know when you might need to prove something to help you out of a jam.

Those papers are, in turn, jammed into files, bins, cabinets and boxes that take up valuable and costly space, subject to damage or destruction either by acts of God of negligence of man. Their return on investment begins to rapidly decline the day they are sent to their final reward in a case, subject or chronological life (or are triplicated for all three).

There is a better way to get a handle on document management. You are undoubtedly using computer applications for document production and transactions. If so, it's time to give your expensive laser printer some rest and start managing your documents electronically and make your operation far more efficiently -- not to mention more profitable.

The software out there is slick and powerful and solves the problem of storage and retrieval. Your documents are scanned and organized, and you can actually find anything you scan without a scary visit to the warehouse, where you swore you saw two beady little eyes staring at your from behind the far file cabinet.

The benefits of going the automated route for document management run the gamut of, among other things, increased responsiveness to customers and more productivity as employees spend far less time in document management. And in case the aforementioned beady-eyed creature was creating a nest in that bank box full of last year's invoice, going digital is your guarantee against file damage or loss of vital records.

Do you or your company utilize a Document Management Solution and/or Document Scanning Services? If so, how has it helped you? and do you recommend it to others?

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