Document Management Solutions Involve Less Printing & More Digital Storage

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Aug 27, 2013

Document Management Solutions

The old adage that the job is not complete until the paperwork is done is only half correct. The completed paperwork has to be preserved, stored and retained for a number of reasons that run the gamut of prosaic to vital. Everyone knows the difference between the routine and the really important documents, but those differences often become blurred or even shift, which is probably why everyone files away so much stuff "just in case."

When retrieving some seemingly routine recorded document can mean the difference between losing or winning a lawsuit or resolving some critical customer dispute, the prosaic quickly shifts to vital. So completing the paperwork is one thing, but managing your documents well is what preserves and proves the value of your business processes.

Document Management Solutions are pretty much common sense.

Document Management Solutions and ServicesAvoiding "GIGO"

Your documents are the true reflection of how efficiently you run your organization. They must withstand the scrutiny of the IRS and potential litigation, and they must adhere to reputable business practices. It's all about avoiding the "GIGO" bugaboo – "garbage in, garbage out."

Logical Filing and Easy Retrieval

First, you decide what to keep, how to organize everything and how long you need to keep your documents. What you keep for filing is probably what you have learned through the past experience that you will need later. The logic and organization of your filing system, again, depends on your business and how you need to respond to audits, etc.

Next, retrieval is a function of knowing where to look when you need the document for some routine or vital purpose. If the documents are in paper form, they are stashed in file folders, in a file cabinet either at your workstation or they archived in some scary place no one likes to visit. If, on the other hand, your documents are stored digitally, they could reside on individual computer workstations or on your server.

Getting a Handle on Everything

Whether locked away in expensive storage or residing helter-skelter on sub-sub-directories on your computer system, your organization is ripe and ready for a cohesive document management system that:

  • Requires fewer printed copies and better printer hardware support
  • Can be transitioned into an almost paperless system through modern scanning software and cloud technology
  • Eliminates duplication of effort through collaborative electronic document production as well as instant retrieval
  • Can be stored in a scanned state on a database retrieval system. Retrieval is immediate and at the workstation of the authorized user.

If you need a handle on your printing needs, please feel free to contact us and we can help build you a strategy to go paperless. We can build a strategy and show you how our document management solutions and services can help you clear away the paper storage clutter and make your business processes hum a happy tune!

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How does your company manage documents? Does your company utilize a DMS? if so, how has it worked out for you? we would love to hear your about experiences!

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