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Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Aug 20, 2013

Scanning Services and Document ConversionThese days more and more businesses in every industry are going paperless. Utilizing efficient Document Management Solutions and storing data in the cloud not only saves time and eliminates the need for storage space for all those files and records, it enhances workflow by allowing instant accessibility to documents and files making it easier to do everything from tracking sales orders to better management of accounts receivable.

The benefits of an efficient, paperless document management solution going forward are clear. But what about yesterday's documents, last month's files, last year's records and reports? All of these existing files and records must be converted to the new system. Depending on the amount of data that a business currently has in file cabinets, records rooms and data storage facilities, the task of converting all those documents to the new system could seem overwhelming.

One way to handle the conversion of a large number of archived records without devoting valuable staff to the project is to use a Document Scanning Service. Whether the job is small or large, involving just the file cabinets in your office or all of the archived records held in an off-site storage facility, a document scanning service can ease the transition to a paperless office by converting all your existing records for you, in the format that you prefer (.PDF or TIFF). These records can be stored on CDs, DVDs or external hard drives, or hosted online for immediate access.

For example, here at QLS, we understand that your records are essential to your business operations. Whether the job involves a few file drawers or the contents of an off-site storage facility, we can handle every page from staple removal to professional scanning and file conversion. Our scanning service can relieve you of the hassle of converting your archived documents and let you devote your time to your business. We even provide ongoing scanning services to keep your records system up to date. For more information or an estimate, contact us today. Our service can be provided at your office or at our Conversion Facility.

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Does your business utilize Scanning Services and/or Document Conversion Solutions? if so, how has it helped you and your company?

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