Document Management Solutions Take to The Cloud

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

Those stuffed disorganized file cabinets, piles of unread reports, and written forms which used to slow productivity for just about all of us have been digitized to form what is now known as the Document Management System. Thanks to Scanners, Copiers, and OCR software, the paperless office has become a reality to many businesses. In fact, cloud-based document management solutions are becoming increasing popular where anyone can access a document anytime, anywhere, from just about any device.

Cloud Computing

Storing documents in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular amongst many businesses. This is due to the secure and efficient way employees can access them with their mobile devices. With employees utilizing an average of 3.3 connected devices by 2014, it only makes sense to increase this accessibility.

There are many benefits to having a Cloud-Based Document Management Solution:

Increased Productivity. Gone are the days where employees search endlessly for paper documents that could easily be lost and damaged. Losing critical documents that are important to sales will lead to customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss. By storing documents in the cloud, every team member can locate and access them in seconds.

Ease of Collaboration. Rather than exchanging emails and relying on printing paper reports, the cloud-based document system can store digital versions of notes and reports for all to collaborate on and update in real-time.

Improved Security. With paper documents, there is always the concern of theft and the wrong parties being privy to sensitive information. A cloud-based document system can be used to store these materials with secure document sharing for partners, clients and other authorized personnel.

Accessibility. Documents stored in the cloud are easily accessible to mobile device users at any time in any location. No longer would personnel have to wait to get to the office to review and update files.

As you can see, a cloud-based document management system offers many benefits over traditional paper files. The paperless office is here to stay thanks to the ease of accessibility, collaboration, and security advantages. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us for our full range of document management solutions that can help your office go paperless while increasing productivity.

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