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Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Jan 08, 2019

It is important to remember that many documents, such as tax records, must be kept on file for 7 years in compliance with tax laws. However, it is still important to stay on top of your documents so they do not pile up! Keeping large amounts of confidential yet outdated information can put you or your employees at risk.QLS-Document-Scanning-Services-Before-and-AfterWhether you need to optimize an existing IT infrastructure, or navigate the complexities of a hybrid physical and digital world, there's services and solutions that can help. With our advice (and services, if you should choose), you'll have an agile, scalable, and more efficient way to address changing business demands.

As information breaches become more common, it is more important than ever to protect confidential information. Document Scanning & Secure shredding ensures safe information storage while providing safe disposal and destruction of all your records and documents – so you, your clients, and your employees can all have peace of mind.

Digital Transformation & Shredding Services help your organization to:Click to Watch Demo

  • Improve business agility with better access and use of information – improving insights
  • Increase operational efficiency with streamlined processes and best practice workflows
  • Manage information growth and scale on-demand
  • Focus on your core strategy and optimize your business performance

By employing solutions like cloud storage, e-filing, workflow automation, imaging and data restoration and migration services; you and your employees can focus more (if not better) on your core business processes while accelerating your transition to a more digital workplace.

Destruction & Shredding services helps elevate your Company in more ways than one
Overwhelmed by bankers boxes? Deteriorating documents and files? We've discussed the topics about document management solutions, scanning services, and going paperless but what kind of "destruction" services do we offer and what are the benefits?

Proper Shredding Helps you Save Time, Money, and Resources

Proper Shredding Helps you Save Time, Money, and Resources

Employees can focus on their most important tasks when they don’t have to take the time to shred documents

Working with a shredding company can help save you time and valuable resources – such as your employees’ time! When your employees are responsible for shredding, that, unfortunately, means a lot of employee time and effort is spent shredding documents instead of working on other tasks.

Depending on the number of documents and records that require shredding each week (or day), this can mean that your employees are spending hours each month simply shredding documents, which is not the best use of your time or resources.

On top of that, office shredding machines are often costly – both upfront and to maintain over time. In order for employees to be able to safely and effectively use large shredding machines, they should be properly trained in safety practices. Just the training alone can take up a lot of your time!

Working with a shredding service eliminates the need for multiple big, bulky shredders as well as the need to train all employees on how to use them.

Proper Shredding Increases Data Security & Keeps Your Employees Safer

Proper Shredding Increases Data Security & Keeps Your Employees Safer

Proper shredding ensures important business documents stay confidential

In just a short period of time, you can accumulate a lot of confidential data! These files, records, and documents can include:

  • Income records
  • Expense records
  • Other tax records
  • Credit card information
  • Training information
  • Telephone numbers
  • Old contracts
  • plus more!

Proper Shredding Provides Environmental Benefits
Proper Shredding Provides Environmental Benefits


Gives back to the environment with shredding services

The most obvious benefit of utilizing shredding services for your documents is the added security – proper disposal means your documents will always be safely and securely shredded.

However, that is not the only benefit! Aside from increased security, properly shredding your documents or e-waste with a company that cares for the environment means added environmental benefits.

All shredded material is recycled and processed into recycled paper products or energy.

When you shred on your own, it’s unlikely that all material will be properly recycled. But when you shred with a facility that has an environmental program in place, you can feel good about shredding your documents and other materials!

Did you know that for every 200 pounds of paper shredded and recycled, you save one tree!

And it’s not only paper that is properly destroyed and recycled. Through our E-Waste recycling procedures, we also ensure that hard-drives and other non-paper materials are properly destroyed.


We Protect What You Value Most

To run your business, you must manage an ever-growing volume and variety of assets and information. From critical business information to geological samples and original recordings of treasured artists, we protect what you value most.

Secure Storage services can help your organization to:

  • Re-purpose real estate and leverage the space to run your business
  • Manage information growth and scale on-demand
  • Enable recovery – in the event of disaster

Our team is dedicated to keeping your data safe!

With us, you can scan, store, and shred your important files worry-free at our secure facility, or we can come to you. We help empower Businesses & Organizations to reach new heights with friendly and efficient document management services. Customer service is not only a slogan but something we practice by investing in our strategic partners. "We're Here To Help Your Business Succeed!"Click to Learn More about Scanning Services
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How does your company handle your documents? Which Document Management Solutions do you use and how is it working out? We love to hear first-hand experiences!

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