8 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Data from Ransomware

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Tue, Jul 24, 2018

Educate yourself on how to fight back against Ransomware and protect your computer files. First, what is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to a computer system that it infects in some way, and demands that the user pay a ransom to the operators of the malware to remove the restriction.

Ransomware Protection

If that doesn't convince you, to get a better idea of what the ransomware landscape looks like, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting facts and statistics from 2016 to present that highlight this ongoing security concern.

Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Data:

  1. The FBI reports that $1.4 Billion was paid to ransomware criminals in 2017.
  2. 47% of Businesses have been affected by Ransomware.
  3. 59% of ransomware infections are delivered via email attachments and embedded URLs.
  4. Keeping Your Files Hostage. Ransomware encrypts files on your PC including documents, photos, music, email, etc.
  5. Bypasses Traditional Antivirus Software.
  6. #1 IT Security Challenge. Resource-limited small and mid-size businesses the most likely targets.
  7. #1 Cyber Security Threat. Ransomware attacks cost individuals and businesses over $1 Billion and was the fastest growing cyber threat in 2016 & 2017.
  8. Business Continuity. Keep your Business running, even after an attack.

Top 10 Ransomware Crimes

How to Protect Yourself:

Check out this short video to view our step-by-step process to protect yourself. Datto Founder and CEO Austin McChord walks us through our ransomware detection technology.


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The Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution (RPRS) works by detecting patterns of change in specific file types. It is designed to alert MSPs of an infection quickly, based on known ransomware characteristics like randomized data or unusual changes to files.

Given the whole purpose of ransomware is to extract money from victims, total loss values are often the numbers people care about the most. In 2016 and 2017, an increasingly large number of businesses, governments, and individuals faced huge losses thanks to ransomware. We’re already seeing huge losses to institutions in 2018 as well.

To learn more, check out Datto's latest State of The Channel Report for 2017In this report, Datto surveyed over 1,700 managed services providers (MSPs) about ransomware and published the key findings in this report. From this report, you will learn:

  • New statistics and forecasts on ransomware and its impact on businesses
  • The leading variants and targets of these attacks
  • Best practices and solutions for protecting businesses from ransomware downtime.
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Examples of Ransomware:

  • Locker Ransomware: typically spread through social engineering, phishing campaigns, and watering-hole sites.
  • Crypto Ransomware: Instead of restricting user action by denying access to the user interface, Crypto ransomware targets the data and filesystems on the device. (Crypto examples include: Locky, TeslaCrypt/EccKrypt, Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, CTB-Locker)


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