15 Tips to Preserve and Protect Office Equipment

Posted by Bob Loblaw on Wed, Oct 31, 2018

Maintain Office EquipmentOffice equipment such as printers, fax machines and computers often cost businesses thousands of dollars to buy, maintain and repair. To protect a company’s investment, planning ahead is necessary by taking time to decide how to train employees to use office equipment properly without causing paper jams and other maintenance disasters that lead to downtime along with repair expenses.

When is the last time you were forced to call your printer company to place an order for printer equipment because something broke down? It happens to companies far too often. For that reason, we recommend forwarding this list to all employees; and since people love lists, there is a good chance everyone will follow these simple ways to protect your printer, copier machine, and other office equipment,and prevent office equipment breakdowns.

15 Tips to Preserve and Protect Office Equipment:

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  1. Office Circulation. Make sure there is adequate ventilation around the office equipment to keep it from overheating, which can cause paper jams, poor quality prints, and reduce the equipment’s useful life.
  2. Avoid Extra Heat. On a similar note, avoid using space heaters near the equipment since they too can cause overheating or melt any plastic on the office equipment.
  3. Tidy Up. Frequently wipe down surfaces of the office equipment to eliminate dust and dirt from getting inside. Equipment attracts dust like a magnet and the fans used to keep the equipment from overheating constantly suck in dust, pollen, lint, and dirt particles, which can build up over time.
  4. Don't Cover Parts. Do not place cords or cables under rugs or floor coverings because they can become frayed or damaged.
  5. Don't Pull & Tug. Never pull plugs out of outlets by the cord because the cord can become frayed or damaged.
  6. Don’t Overstretch. The cord contain small, delicate wires that can fray or break when stretched; use an extension cord where needed.
  7. Don't Daisy Chain. Only use extension cords or power strips with three-pronged plugs to ensure grounding during electrical surges and to prevent overloading the electrical outlets. Do not connect 
  8. Establish Food & Beverage Areas. Keep food and drinks away from ALL office equipment. Food particles could get lodged and cause moving parts to jam or you could risk severe electrical shock from a liquid spill.
  9. Utilize Resources. Immediately consult the owner’s manual or contact your IT Department when there is a paper jam or unknown error. There are correct and incorrect ways to fix paper jams; if it’s done incorrectly, the equipment may be damaged and require corrective maintenance.
  10. Proper Training. Ask your IT Department or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to schedule regular training classes for new users to help avoid the misuse of office equipment.
  11. Consolidate Equipment. Having too much equipment for separate tasks can be daunting, expensive (not just hardware but utility bills themselves), they take over valuable office space, and the time to upkeep could be utilized towards meaningful office work. Konica Minolta Bizhubs are the #1 office choice.
  12. Keep Unused Printers and Other Devices Covered. When not in use, place a cover on anything that is in danger of being damaged. Printers, copiers and other office equipment can be susceptible to being damaged from moisture. Especially in the case of machines that are near windows, it’s best to keep a cover on it to ensure its durability.
  13. Clean Office Equipment Weekly. Dust and dirt can easily gather in printers and ruin print jobs. To protect your printer, use a can of compressed air to remove the dust particles that gather in the machines.
  14. Schedule Regular Maintenance Service. Think about how often your printers are being used. Printers and fax machines are in use on an hourly basis. Like anything that is running for an extended period of time, these machines can break down without warning. It’s important to schedule regular maintenance to catch problems before they may potentially derail an office’s work day.
  15. Document Management Solutions and Ransomware Protection. Keep office equipment updated and secure. Safeguard businesses from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity. Defend your business, with guaranteed business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit, and in the cloud. Tens of thousands of the world's fastest growing companies are using Datto Ransomware Protection Software and Document Management Solutions.


Is one of your Business goals to find ways to save money? Avoiding or preventing corrective issues, maintenance, and/or repair calls on electronic equipment will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year. Depending on the number of employees in your organization, this might be easier said than done. That's why there's companies like us who offer service, repair, and maintenance. You can call on a need-to-need basis but again, it's industry suggested to set up a maintenance schedule for all your office equipment needs.


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While it’s understandable to have some normal wear and tear on your office equipment, both hardware and software; there are ways to preserve them and keep them running efficiently despite the everyday use. What do you and your company do for preventative care and risk management for your office? Please share!


[Source: The Remi Group]

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