Our Solution, Informa Software’s IQmfp Benefits
...an e-filing Solution that makes you more Efficient & Profitable!

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  • $19,875 Dollars Saved Annually by NC Financial Group/Straxclinic Inc
  • 60More Storage Space for DMH Nursing Services
  • 80 Hours Of Paid Labor Saved Per Week by UST Manufacturing LLC
Take Advantage of:
  • Enhance information security
  • Secure Cloud Management
  • Compliance Tools
  • Simple and User-Friendly Design
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Free Mobile App
  • Templates for Automated File Structuring
  • File Retention
  • Full Text Searching
  • Integration with Popular Software
  • Respond immediately to inquiries and be more responsive to your customers
  • Greatly increase your employee productivity and efficiency
  • Free up staff time for other important tasks by almost 50%
  • Enable employees to more effectively organize, distribute, and share information
  • Reduces costs related to storage and free-up valuable office space
  • Help ensure compliance with government regulatory requirements
  • Protect against potential loss and damage caused by natural disasters

Special Features:
  • Native integration with HP LaserJet MFPs and Scanjet scanners
  • Easy installation, configuration and operation for all user capabilities
  • Relational database is more powerful than cabinet/folder/file structure typically found in low cost filing systems
  • OCR with full text search and indexing for accurate retrieval
  • Ad-hoc workflow for routing and approvals
  • Complete document history logging
  • Security based upon document type, user or role
  • Also supports existing copiers and scanners using scan to network folder

Capture, Index, Store, Retrieve, Route - IQmfp enables your business or workgroup to implement a document management solution that’s affordable, powerful and very user friendly. Informa’s document and content management solutions allow you to get more from your scanner, MFP or networked copier at a price you can afford... without burdensome complexity and costly support.

With the spotlight on improving customer service, increasing corporate productivity, and coping with increasing regulatory requirements, you need a Document Management Solution that delivers immediate benefits.  IQmfp provides easy electronic filing, saving money by dramatically reducing labor and other operating costs. Fewer trips to the filing cabinet and copier equal greater employee productivity, while easy retrieval of information translates directly into competitive advantage.

While there are complex Document Management Systems for the enterprise and entry level "Scan to Folder" applications suitable for home office users, neither of these solutions adequately or cost effectively meets the content capture needs of business and workgroups.  IQmfp is built from the ground up with features and robust functionality demanded by business, while maintaining the simplicity and ease of deployment that encourages adoption by a wide range of users.

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