How to Promote a "Greener Office"?
Take the Green Initiative!

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Like original HP Branded Cartridges (OEM), the premium quality aftermarket cartridge product QLS uses are made from both new and reclaimed components and parts. Of course, the petroleum based case and structural pieces are almost always re-used and eventually recycled, as is the remainder of the cartridge.

Refurbished HP LaserJet Printers and MFPs
Enterprise-grade Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers and Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are very high-quality, high-reliability and highly sustainable machines. An alarming number of these printing and imaging devices are under-utilized during their initial ownership and are often replaced before the owner has had an opportunity to appreciate the true ROI potential.

QLS refurbishes and re-sells these assets back into the office place where the new owners are able to appreciate the reduced ownership costs and reduced carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and shipping a new printer unnecessarily.

Onsite and Depot Based Printer and MFP Repair
Often times Laser Printers and MFPs are replaced as opposed to having service or maintenance. The benefits of routine and preventative maintenance (service calls, service agreements, etc.) all support the perspective that fully utilizing a printer before replacing it allows the owner to achieve a greater financial return as well as an environmentally supportive return.

How does Managed Print Services (MPS) promote a “Greener Office”?

Managed Print Services
Plain and simple, built-in print reduction strategy that will help you quickly eliminate wasteful print and drive immediate savings. If done right, it is one of those convenient ways for your organization to quickly find efficiencies and save some real dollars. There is an immense amount of time and money being wasted on print everyday due to lack of visibility, time and control. We use a progressive approach to manage your print. We make it effortless for your end user and IT staff to have peace of mind today and confidence that you’re prepared for tomorrow.

Remote Monitoring and Management Tool
This Tool is used in all of Managed Print Services engagements as well as in our Consulting Initiatives. This tool offers advanced reporting features including Actual Power Usage and Cost Reports, as well as other reports designed to illustrate the need to reduce and/or optimize the number of printers and how they are used. These reporting features can provide a wealth of savings in dollars from reduced paper, toner and electricity consumed.


Additional “Green” QLS Products and Services

Consulting Services

QLS offers Imaging Fleet Consulting Services. These consulting services are generally approached from a financial and/or environmental perspective. Interestingly, both of these perspectives support each other, it saves money and is more productive to be environmentally responsible and manage your carbon footprint. Services include document life cycle and workflow/process optimization, best practices consulting and custom initiatives tailored for specific clients.

Document Imaging Solutions (electronic file storage and retrieval)
QLS offers several solutions and services for the purpose of filing and retrieving both paper and electronic documents and storing them in a central electronic repository. These solutions eliminate the need and expense of paper files as well as business processes involved with the “traditional” filing method. The environment benefits as well by not printing electronic and “captured” paper documents.

By using our blog to distrbute news and information (instead of printed & mailed newsletter) we further reduce the amount of paper and energy we consume; while educating you the importance of going green.