Why Scan? What are the Benefits?

  • Instant Access – Instant Access to your Documents right from your desk
  • Reduce Soft Costs – Scanning combined with a Document Management System can save valuable Time and therefore Money. No more paper pushing, looking in filing cabinets or staffing costs to manage it all.
  • Free Up Space – Get rid of that stale paper. Reclaim your valuable Office and Warehouse Space
  • Disaster Recovery – Hosting Scanned documents with a Cloud Sevice can insure that Fire or other Disaster will not damage your Files.
  • Eliminate the Hassle – Our Scanning Service is Fast and Reliable. We can save you time, trouble and money doing the work for you.
  • Improve Customer Service – Respond immediately to your clients requests with instant access to your documents.
  • Share Your Documents – Easily & Securely Share and Collaborate with your Documents with anyone.
  • The Green Office – Save Money and Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Digital Files are a staple of the Green Office

Our Services:

  • One-Time Bulk Scanning Projects/Backfiling
  • Ongoing Scanning Service with Immediate Availability
  • Direct integration of scanned files into your Document Management System
  • Scanning Performed at your Office or our Conversion Center
  • High Speed Scanner Sales, Rentals & Leasing
  • Online or Cloud File Hosting

Our Process:

  1. Provide QLS with an estimate of how many pages you have to scan. The number of Bankers Boxes, File Drawers, etc. will allow us to estimate a page count.
  2. QLS will evaluate the quality of the files to be scanned. How many staples, paper clips to be removed/replaced. Page sizes and page types, etc.
  3. We then can give you an estimate of the number of Pages & provide a CPP (Cost Per Page) to scan/index.
  4. We then pick-up your Documents via Carrier or Local Van Service
  5. Documents are scanned & indexed at our Conversion Facility in .PDF or TIFF Format (Full OCR)
  6. Scanned images are delivered via CD, DVD, Hard-Disk, e-mail or web download.
  7. Originals can be shipped back to you or destroyed at our facility.